False Flags: A Criticle Inquiry and Spiritual Interpretation

Ustadh Ali Ataie and Ken Jenkins about the history and pattern of false flag operations. InshAllah we will inform ourselves of this reality and attempt to understand and prepare ourselves with how to respond in the future. There will dinner served following the talk inshAllah.

Ustadh Ali Ataie is a teacher and researcher of the Islamic sciences, specializing in theology and biblical interpretation. He is Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies and World Religions at both Zaytuna College and the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. At the latter, Ustadh Ali is working towards a PhD in Islamic Biblical He...rmeneutics. His comprehensive knowledge of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions is matched by few. Ustadh Ali is certified in Arabic, Hebrew, and Biblical Greek, and fluent in Farsi.

Ken Jenkins is a 9-11 Truth activist and video producer. He has produced dozens of films and DVDs on the subject of 9-11 and false flag operations and has worked in collaboraiton with author David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage. By revealing the flase flag nature of the 9-11 attacks, it is Ken's intention to not only help end the bogus "war on terror" but to also help open the way to diminshing war as a politcal option on this planet.