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*FAJIR  Dawn: 05:45 AM                                                      
*THUHUR :       01:30 PM 
*ASIR Mid:        05:00 PM
*MAGHRIB        Sunset                                                                                          
*ISHA'A             09:00 PM

Starts: 1:30PM     Ends:   2:00 PM   
                                      16661 E. 14th Street San Leandro CA 94578                                      

Crescentwatch has received reliable reports of the new crescent moon of Ramadan being sighted on Friday evening (May 26th) in numerous locations around the world, including throughout Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Florida, Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more locations across the U.S.. We are delighted to welcome the entry of this sacred month and to begin the blessed fast of Ramadan on Saturday, May 27th.

Crescentwatch.org and Hilalsighting.org  adhere to the traditional principle that Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, verifiable sighting of the new crescent moon.

The prophet of God  peace and blessings upon him, said,
 “The best of God’s servants are those who watch vigilantly for the new moons and observe diligently the shadows [for prayer times] as a way of remembering God.”

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